Environmental Impact Assessment

TESCL is a dedicated environmental team who focus on delivering quality environmental impact assessments that stand up to scrutiny The approvals process can be challenging, particularly when dealing with sensitive issues. Our clients can be assured that TESCL has the expertise, knowledge and experience to guide them through each step of the process. We work with our clients and relevant government agencies to ensure that the process of gaining approvals is as smooth as possible.

The Environmental Assessment team is highly experienced with a solid understanding of legislation and policy. TESCL has an in-house multi-disciplinary team with the ability to choose the right person for the right role.

TESCL has good relationships with key government stakeholders. We also have a strong understanding of State and Local government approval processes. TESCL has a personal approach in working with clients to ensure that they are well informed and aware of the risks at every step of the process.

Our team possesses:

  • Strong project management skills
  • Strategic understanding of risks associated with environmental and community issues at all levels
  • The skills to implement management requirements, including sometimes challenging environmental, social, economic and cultural heritage considerations
  • Robust evaluation and analysis skills
  • Well-structured project management system and tools, with timely and proactive communication at the core of all processes; and
  • An ISO9001 certified quality management system.

Our successfully delivered projects have included major approvals in the mining and resource sectors, infrastructure, renewable energy and sustainable waste management, industrial, urban development, aquaculture and more. TESCL’s large national environmental assessment team has the capacity to manage multiple complex multi-disciplinary environmental assessments of major projects. Our approach focuses on clear definition of the relevant issues and the proposed outcome for our clients. We design studies and assessments to provide well targeted, robust and trustworthy evidence about impacts and management options, adding value with advice that will streamline the approval process.

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