With a strong internal focus on nurturing skills, TESCL has developed into a well-respected company with a reputation for producing high-quality outcomes and offering flexible services tailored to the needs of our clients and community. Many of our staff are leaders in their fields and are regularly sought after to provide independent peer review. Our skilled professionals and support staff are focused on meeting and exceeding client expectations and project objectives through innovative techniques and leading environmental projects management skills.

TESCL is managed by a pool of well-established experts in various disciplines particularly law,Climate Change, agriculture, fishing and livestock development, microfinance, Environmental impact assessment, renewable energy, Project planning, Landscape management, community development and research. The overall decision-making body of the company is the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company board members. The company board has seven (7) members where three of them are the company directors with active shareholders of the firm. In order to ensure separation of power, the chairmanship of the AGM is annually rotated among the board members who are not Directors. The AGM meets twice in a year to deliberate policy and legal issues of the firm. The Company secretary is the legal advisor and serves as the secretary to the company. The company is managed by Chief Director (CD) who reports to the AGM. The CD is assisted by two (2) Directors Namely Director of Community Resilience Projects, and Director of Environmental Compliance Services.

The Directors are the heads of respective Directorates. These directors are helped with managers to their sectorial projects. There are seven (7) managers including policy strategy and marketing, finance, human resource and administrative, IT and communication, community resilience, training, advocacy research and consultation, environmental compliance, counsel and legal affairs. The managers are helped with seven (7) categorical project officers. The finance, human resource and administration manager is also an internal auditor who reports to the Annual General Meeting.

TESCL has put in place clear procedures and systems that govern the operations, administration, leadership and management of the company. The company has policies to guide our operations. The policy and various guiding documents in place include Consultancy Policy and Operational Procedure, Child Protection Policy, Quality Assurance Policy, Human Resource and Administration Policy, Financial and Procurement Policy and Manual as well as Internship Engagement Guideline. We have adopted the current Public Procurement act in our procurement systems. The company has put also in place some Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for quality assurance. In the areas of Finance management, the company has clear systems for accounting with the use of ICT propelled Accounts and finance, and with strong internal audit systems.

In order to provide quality consultancy and community services, the company has put clear systems on how to work with reliable and reputable individual consultants from both the government and private sector and international experts. In addition, the firm hires high caliber staff and consultants. The recruitment of staff is managed by the team of directors. The company has put clear systems to recruit highly talented graduates in our work. To this end, the company has put clear systems for hiring and vetting of associate consultants, where each consultant shall be required to sign a sub contract as a commitment to ensure she/he delivers the assignment that he/she is assigned. To ensure that we embrace partnership with Public sector, the firm has put in place policy on how to associate academicians and researchers from higher learning institutions to work as a team to deliver results for our clients. This has made our firm to be among of the strong and trusted firms in Dodoma city and within the Country. In addition, being located in Dodoma, the firm has been receiving a number of requests from firms based in Dodoma who want to establish partnership with us so as to support their operation. So far, the firm has 7 full time staff, and more than 10 consultants in the fields of Climate Change, Environmental Management, Environmental Impact Assessment, Renewable Energy, Ecology, Agriculture, Fishing, Landscaping, and Community Project Management.

To ensure that we adhere to human rights and particularly the rights of children as per the conventions on the rights of Children; the company has put clear systems for all staff: Consultants, government, partner experts working with the company to sign the form that shows his or her commitment to safeguard and protect the rights of children. Also, to ensure capacity building of the staff and consultants, the company has put in place clear systems on regular refresher and tailor-made training of our consultants and staff in various areas. This training helps both the staff and consultants to abide to our policies and branding systems and procedures. In addition, this helps them to provide effective technical solutions to our clients. In order to ensure that our practices are corruption-free; the company has put in place and adopted the government anti bribery systems where every consultant and staff are required to sign the anti-bribery form as a matter of principle but also during the submission of our proposals. In the area of Quality assurance, the company has put in place clear systems on total quality management such as spot checks, technical editing team, info graphic design team, M/E systems, a three-level review of products and a dedicated director who cross-checks the quality of our work and approves them before submission.