Cleanliness & Wastes Management

TESCL dedicated team understands the nuances which come with various types of commercial cleaning.

We work with companies of all sizes across numerous industries, from sole traders to multinational corporations.

Our extensive and highly professional services include:

We know that a clean, tidy office environment helps companies to be more productive and indicates to everyone than your company is proud and professional in everything it does. Provide washroom and waste management in school, office, industrial, market, municipal roads, cleanliness services.
From single room conferences to large-scale public gatherings, we provide cleaning before, during and after a range of events, ensuring that the venue is kept in prime condition at every step of the process
When the lifecycle of your businesses demands the need to move premises, whether for upsizing, downsizing or relocation. we provide high-quality end of lease cleans that minimize the stress of relocating. Every commercial property type has a different cleaning requirement and it goes without saying that it must be completed on time, on budget and to a high standard, ready for leasing to a new occupant. By hiring TESCL you can be assured that those targets will be met.

Other Services:

  • We Provides a specialized comprehensive hygiene and cleaning service for Industrial Plants
  • We provide Commercial waste management services
  • We Supply Waste Bins devices

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