Environmental Auditing and Compliance

Effective environmental compliance management is a critical component of good business.

Development of ISO 14001 environmental management systems for Tanzania organizations
We offer Environmental auditing services of development projects.
Preparation of detailed mine closure plans, Development of objectives and criteria, Future land use planning assessments, Final landform design and water management design, Post-closure groundwater management strategies, Rehabilitation standards, advice and assessment.
Preparation of environmental management plans (EMPs) of development projects that are robust and cost efficiency.

Our compliance management systems identify and address environmental issues in a practical way, to meet operational needs, demonstrate a focus on relevant statutory requirements and facilitate real improvements in environmental performance, community relations and business outcomes. We work with clients to tailor compliance management systems that complement on-site and corporate management programs.

At TESCL, we offer;

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental management systems development and implementation
  • Comprehensive environmental impact assessment and Audit processes
  • Development and implementation of practical environmental management solutions to address their strategic and day to day site environmental management issues
  • Development of conceptual plans, pre-feasibility plans, progressive rehabilitation, and detailed closure plans
  • Conduct environmental and social study
  • Emergency and pollution incident response plan

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